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High Score Submit

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Game Skills/Reflexes Test
High Score Submit

Think you got a High Score? Prove It. Take a picture of the game you've beaten within my website and send it to

To Take a Picture:
Step 1: Head Back to the page with your High Score.
Step 2: Snapshot the page with the Print Scrn key on
your keyboard (Near the upper right)
Step 3: Start up Microsoft Paint or any other photo editing
program you may have.
Step 4: Press Ctrl and the V key until you see the image.
Step 5: Select around the flash file with you high score, and press Ctrl and C.
Step 6: Start up another of the same photo-editing program
and press Ctrl and V until you see your image.
Step 7: Click File, Go down to save As, and Save your image as a JPEG file. (Only file that my site will take)
Step 8: start up your e-mail.
Step 9: Go to send-mail and attach the photo with the email, along with your first name to
Step 10: Click Send.
Step 11: Wait.
Step 12: Your name and score may be shown on the site!
(Top 5 are shown on the front page)

"This speech has been brought to you by Glarpit Webmasters."
You don't deserve this.